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  • 17 December 2014
  • David Crump

Great Customer Service Provides Growth and a Chance to Give Back

Donna Evans, owner of The UPS Store in Encinitas, California, knows an awful lot about customer service and giving back to her community. Donna has been a successful The UPS Store franchisee for 18 years and during that time, she’s gone the extra mile to provide value to her customers above and beyond what they might normally expect. For one, Donna took the time to become a Notary Public, and also trained to capture live scan fingerprinting. For Donna (and other members of her staff) gaining these certifications required special classes, background checks and other special considerations.

“I knew that being able to offer these services would be worthwhile in terms of enhancing our store and allowing us to better assist customers.”

"One of the techniques we use is describing great customer service experiences we've had in our personal lives, what we’ve learned, and how it can be applied in our store."

But Donna’s selflessness and willingness to put in extra time and effort for a worthy cause has also carried over into her personal life and the work she does apart from The UPS Store. Donna is Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego, which since 1980 has provided free meals, lodging, amenities and other services to families pursuing essential pediatric treatments at San Diego area hospitals. Donna has been working with the charity on and off for 30 years and has chaired the non-profit since 2013. In the last four years, Ronald McDonald House has seen many improvements, including a quadrupling of its housing capacity and new facilities and services like a Family Care Center and an onsite school for the siblings of the hospitalized children.

Donna has also been heavily involved in the planning of many community outreach events. This past June, for example, the annual “Red Shoe Day” was held and San Diego intersections were flooded with volunteers who sang, danced, and collected donations in big red shoes in support of Ronald McDonald House. The event was a resounding success as 1500 volunteers participated and collected over $193,000.

Donna sees many parallels in her responsibilities and goals as owner and operator of a The UPS Store and the work she does for charity. As chair of Ronald McDonald House of San Diego, she heads a governing board that works together to establish policy and oversee charity operations. In the same way, at The UPS Store, Donna works with her son Jordan, and their collaborative efforts as managing partners of the business has led to great success.

Donna also sees great value in and frequently strives to share opinions and offer others feedback, guidance and constructive criticism. She is a former chairperson of The UPS Store’s Marketing Advisory Council, which serves as the collective voice of the 4400 The UPS franchisees and offers counsel on strategic planning, marketing administration, and the development and implementation of the company’s advertising and promotional campaigns.

As a The UPS Store owner, Donna places great stock in the staff of associates she hires and works with.

“Many of the products and services we offer are available from other retailers, so the way we stand out is through superior customer service,” she says. “We try to use a ‘concierge’ approach, where we work with the customer from the very start of their project and provide the services and support they need to see it all the way through to fruition.”

Donna even holds workshops for her associates every six weeks to discuss new and better ways to improve customer service.

“One of the techniques we use is describing great customer service experiences we’ve had in our personal lives, what we’ve learned, and how it can be applied in our store.”

So what is Donna looking forward to most these days in both her charity work and at her store?

“I’m excited to continue my non-profit work for Ronald McDonald House and our schedule of fund-raising events slated for 2015. At the The UPS Store, we’ll soon be adding 3D print services, which will give us a new and exciting offering for customers and should help grow our business even further.

For more information about Ronald McDonald charities, or to find your local chapter, visit

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