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5 Apps To Help Make Your Business More Efficient
  • 11 February 2016
  • Eric Michaels

5 Apps To Help Make Your Business More Efficient

With smartphone and tablet use continuing to rise, mobile apps have become more valuable than ever. But which ones actually make life easier by helping you stay productive? Here are six inexpensive, user-friendly apps that can help keep your business running efficiently.


As the name implies, RescueTime is the answer for businesses having trouble completing projects on time. The app helps fight the temptation to browse social media and other sites by blocking access during work hours. RescueTime also logs the time you spend on e-mails, conference calls, meetings, and other activities so you can decide what needs more or less attention. With so many small business owners striving to increase productivity, a time-management tool like RescueTime can help achieve that goal. It comes with a free two-week trial, after which you can purchase the premium version for $6 a month.


Business owners need to collect essential details about clients, set reminders for the upcoming week, and compile notes for upcoming meetings. The beauty of the Evernote app is that it aggregates and organizes all of the notes from your desktop, laptop and mobile devices into a single place. You’ll need more than the basic (free) version if you also want to save e-mails into the app, but the starter version should be enough for most people.


If effective project management is an issue in your business, this app provides a simple answer to the problem. Trello lets you view everything about your project in a single glance. The app categorizes and lists all assignments and tasks, thereby allowing you to track the progress of a project from start to finish. Sales teams, for example, can track phone inquiries, appointments, client visits, closed deals, and orders. Trello also lets you set up email notifications and even supports integration with other apps. Trello comes in a free version with reduced functionality and paid versions start around $8 per month.


Slack is a highly useful tool for those who need to continuously chat or send real-time messages to their colleagues and team members. Employees can be grouped by job function (technology, customer support, marketing, etc.) and notifications can be controlled, so you can keep conversations from becoming a distraction. Best of all, Slack works with Trello, so you can also track the progress teams are making with their respective projects. Slack is free for small teams or unlimited evaluation and also comes in standard and plus versions.


Skype lets employees communicate and otherwise stay connected from their remote locations. Available for both smartphones and tablets, Skype encourages collaboration by providing free face to face video calls over a 3G, 4G or WiFi connections. You can also send and receive instant messages, photos and videos for free. Mobile data rates may apply if you want to use advanced features but the cost is usually minimal.

There are plenty of choices for online tools and apps that will boost your productivity. Likewise, there are several others that can increase workplace efficiency by improving your employee scheduling processes. NimbleSchedule, for example, is an easy to use, web-based scheduling solution that reduces labor costs, improves communications and maximizes productivity.

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