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7 Ways To Keep Your Business Tech Savvy
  • 04 May 2016
  • Elvis Michael

7 Ways To Keep Your Business Tech Savvy

Small business owners do not always prioritize technological trends. However, not being tech savvy and staying in the loop can slow the growth of your business and lead to ongoing financial difficulties. Here are several crucial ways you can contribute to your company's goals and sustained profitability by staying relevant in terms of technology:

1. Contract an in-house tech.

You may be able to implement various technical features into your business, but can you also maintain them efficiently? If your small business is composed primarily of sales agents and support specialists, you might also need a tech-savvy individual to regularly oversee all technical aspects. As technology continuously evolves, this employee can keep you in the loop about new trends and help implement them according to your long-term business goals.

2. Embrace online services.

If your customers need to periodically access their account information, make these details available online. A web-based service will allow them to add, modify, or remove user details, manage subscriptions, check previous transactions, and handle other details related to your business. This effectively eliminates the need for customers to call or show up in person, which they will appreciate.

3. Build an app.

Many small businesses have yet to embrace the convenience of developing a mobile application. However, most customers enjoy accessing information on the go, making building an app a necessity rather than a luxury. Its features should revolve around simplicity and accessibility, and it should cut out all the corporate bells and whistles that represent your brand. An app is also a great way to help customers stay informed about special offers, trials, and other benefits.

4. Make communication a priority.

Even if your response time is relatively quick via phone and a standard website contact form, you may need to embrace other methods of communication to increase customer satisfaction. Does your small business get hectic during certain hours? Implement a live chat system on your website or provide a ticketing system where users can communicate more efficiently. You can also create a page that answers frequently asked questions. Part of creating a tech-savvy environment is providing multiple options and greater flexibility.

5. Maintain a company blog.

While most small businesses already have a website, some neglect the aspect of maintaining an active online community within. Create a company blog that regularly highlights topics related to your industry and your overall services. This opens the door to additional organic traffic and your posts could be shared or seen by interested customers and/or prospects. Having a blog also gives your brand a more vibrant feel, making it more personable and less like a bland entity.

6. Prioritize social media.

It is important to use the preferred social networks and lingo of your target demographic. This will allow you to market your brand in unique, unconventional ways on a regular basis. You can connect with your audience through business-to-consumer networks, such as Facebook, by using humor and eye-catching graphics. On the other hand, you might have better luck connecting with customers through business-to-business venues, such as LinkedIn, with case studies, customer polls, and statistics.

7. Adapt analytics and software.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you analyze the way customers interact with your website, giving you greater insight into behavioral patterns and interests. After implementing it, you may also improve existing sales and find ways to scale your offers and overall user engagement. For example, Launchpad Marketing Cloud helps you identify your audience and assess their interests through comprehensive profile reporting. It also provides services for acquiring new targeted leads.

Embracing the latest technology will help your small business stay relevant in today's fast-paced, ever-changing world. Use these tips and continue to prioritize staying tech savvy, and you will be able to reach your target market quicker and more effectively.

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