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How to Market Your Holiday Deals
  • 01 December 2016
  • Elvis Michael

How to Market Your Holiday Deals

The holiday season is a particularly busy time for customers and small business owners, alike. As everyone begins to prepare for this beloved time of the year, businesses often scramble to market themselves as effectively as possible. Thankfully, marketing your holiday deals in the midst of the mega business clutter does not have to be a painstaking process. Here are some effective strategies to help you make the most out of the busy holiday season.

Always plan ahead

In an effort to avoid unexpected issues or delays, you should always develop a thorough plan in advance. Ask yourself: How many employees would need to be available during this busier-than-normal period? What type of promotional designs, signage and seasonal offers should you implement throughout the store or on your website? It is also important for you to ensure that you have extra stock of your most popular offerings—especially if these items are going to be discounted or make good holiday gifts.

Organize a pre-holiday celebration

In an effort to get more exposure, you may want to arrange a social event for customers several weeks before the holidays. Showcase your products, offer refreshments and holiday entertainment, if appropriate. As the purpose of these events is to get prospective customers more acquainted with your upcoming deals, you should make sure that the associated marketing materials are displayed prominently throughout your store. These friendly gestures also provide a natural way to build trust and a strong relationship with both new and existing customers.

Hype up deals

Be sure to promote your holiday deals early and often with your existing customers, and try to find new customers in the process. Leverage your social media profiles, the company newsletter, your website's homepage, and your physical store to get the word out. Highlight the best deals and benefits for your customers, and encourage your audience to share the details with their friends and family members. If you are using web-based promotions, be sure to apply your efforts during peak traffic hours, and do not be afraid to republish more than once during the day or week.

Embrace early bird specials

One way to hype up your offers is to compensate those who engage early. For example, you can give an even bigger discount to customers who make a purchase during a specific time period, or you could reward them with a limited-time coupon for taking action early on. These types of time-sensitive offers will encourage many prospects to act fast.

Cater to every budget

You should strive to categorize your products and services by budget to ensure that no potential customer is left out when it comes to your holiday deals. For example, you could group popular items under $10 together, accompanied by a prominent sign and a list of other complementary offers.

Offer package deals

Product bundles can simplify the process of shopping during the hectic holiday season. Rather than selling single, stand-alone products, you could offer irresistible combinations of complimentary products. For example, you could sell a bundle of bathroom-based accessories or popular health items. You can achieve maximum results by packing your best-selling products together for a slightly discounted price.

Offer volume incentives

In an effort to maximize your profit margins, you could give customers a discount for purchases that meet a certain criterion. This could include a 20% off discount for orders over $50, free shipping, or the tried-and-true "buy one, get one free" incentive. If your business revolves around recurring services, you could provide discounted prices for yearly subscriptions as compared to their monthly counterparts.

When it comes to holiday deals, it is important that you keep timing in mind and speak directly to your audience. By studying the above strategies, you can tweak and improve your overall approach to ensure the best results this holiday season.

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