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  • 02 November 2017
  • David Crump

How to "Close" During the Holidays

For many small business owners, November 24th, “Black Friday”, will be the kickoff to one of the most important selling periods of the year. Traditionally, the holidays are the time when many retailers promote best offers that encourage shoppers to patronize their businesses.

Savvy retailers know it’s not enough for them to be open, slash prices, or even extend their hours during the holidays; they have to close deals and sell their product and services.

What you need are strategies to promote your business and help manage the heavy volume of customers that will shop your store on Black Friday and the subsequent weeks leading up to Christmas. Even more important is having tools and tactics in place for turning all of those holiday browsers into buyers. In many cases, the solution comes through effective marketing – oftentimes with something as simple as a printed marketing piece.

Get the Word Out

As a small business owner, the first step to closing during the holidays is to differentiate yourself from your larger competitors by promoting and positioning your store, restaurant, shop, etc., as a small business that faithfully serves the local community.

At a time of year when your current customers and many others might be inclined to visit a big box retailer or chain restaurant, you can counter by using window posters, neighborhood flyers, or ads in the local paper to make sure everyone is aware that you are a proud local merchant who values and appreciates customers’ support during the holiday season.

Consider visiting your local chamber of commerce, or otherwise connecting with other small business owners in the neighborhood to discuss ways you might team up to draw more attention and more effectively capitalize on the heavy increase in neighborhood foot traffic. Street fairs, sidewalk sales, refreshments, and live entertainment all serve as effective ways to attract more people to the block.

Close the Sale

As a small business owner with a limited staff at best, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed throughout the holidays. Often, it’s just not possible to interact with each and every customer, answer their questions and capitalize on all of your sales opportunities. In cases like these, it makes sense to let your marketing materials help tell your story.

small-biz-saturday-close-the-deal.jpgBusiness or pass-along cards are of course a must for any type of business, but keep in mind that different customer types can be swayed by other types of printed pieces.

For example, inquisitive customers benefit from a handy brochure that highlights your different offerings or product families. Deal seekers (and you can bet there will be many on Black Friday and throughout the season) find great value in come back cards -- basically a postcard that includes some kind of discount. Handing these out to customers helps to not only increase your chances for an on-the-spot sale, but also creates an opportunity for them to give the card to a friend, along with a recommendation and an enticing deal.

Encouraging holiday shoppers to patronize small businesses during the holidays can be challenging. But if you promote and prepare properly and take advantage of printed marketing pieces, you’ll find that you can attract more shoppers, meet customers’ needs and close the deal.

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