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Catch the Live Video Streaming Social Trend for Your Small Business
  • 19 February 2018
  • Daniel Vahab

Catch the Live Video Streaming Social Trend for Your Small Business

There are many trends come and go, but taking your business live on social media is one trend worth catching on to. The video streaming feature is available on apps across nearly every major social media platform, including YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Twitter Live (via Periscope), Snapchat, and even smaller apps like YouNow, Live.Me, Livestream, Stringwire, and Ustream.

According to research by Livestream, 80 percent of brand audiences prefer to watch live video from a brand rather than read a blog. Moreover, 82 percent prefer to find entertainment and information in live video over social posts.

Video promotion tends to receive better user engagement than static content, and adding in the real-time element only enhances that experience, increasing potential impressions and clicks. By using this format, you can foster a community of fans while diversifying your content. Depending on the app, users may get notifications whenever a new live video is available, and they’ll be able to see these videos as raw, unfiltered media, knowing they’re getting an authentic perspective of your business.

So, what are the live video strategies and best practices your small business can start using today?


Highlight your events

Are you hosting an upcoming business event? Consider leveraging live video streaming to allow viewers miles away to be part of the experience. As the event is taking place, you can capture each moment, from speaker sessions and branded booths with product demonstrations to cocktail receptions and parties. After all, Livestream reports that 67 percent of viewers have a greater likelihood of buying a ticket to a concert or event after they watch a live video of that event or one like it. Of course, as opposed to a traditional, edited video, a major blunder recorded live cannot be erased—which is a risk you need to keep in mind.

Have a strong title and description

With the amount of competing video content available on the Web, you want to make sure your content quickly and easily captures the attention of your audience. Grab viewers' attention by creating an engaging headline and brief synopsis for your video. According to the Chicago Tribune, "Your Periscope title should be short and compelling. The Facebook Live description should be compelling, but it can be a bit longer, because it looks like a traditional Facebook post when it's shared."

Follow SEO best practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to a successful marketing strategy. By utilizing SEO best practices, you can help lead people to your video organically. For instance, you should consider creating titles that are based around terms and titles that your target audience would naturally search for. To achieve the best results, conduct a quick competitive analysis so that you can use relevant keywords that have less competition.

Promote in advance

Give your social media community a heads up on the broadcast across different channels – talk about it on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Ask users to share these updates across their own social media, and encourage them to subscribe to your respective feeds to receive alerts on live broadcasts.

Personalize the experience

When you’re streaming live video, viewers can interact and comment on what they see, as they see it, asking questions and getting immediate answers—making them a part of the process, too. To drive engagement, consider conducting question-and-answer sessions to show you care about their views, and actually take action on them. You may not have the bandwidth and speed to acknowledge every single comment, but do your best to get to as many as possible—even the negative ones. Take it one step further and mention the user's name who commented, and thank them for it.

Remember to get your viewers involved: Ask them what topics they would like to explore, which questions they would like answered, and which personalities and events they would like to see.

Get your wheels turning by doing some research. Browse the Facebook Media blog for articles specific to Facebook Live.

To get the most out of new media, you need to capitalize on the latest and greatest social trends—and today, that includes live streaming video. Used effectively, the real-time experience can further your brand awareness and your relationship with fans, while showing your key messages in a more compelling manner.

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