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4 Things to Know about Your Customers
  • 16 October 2018
  • Tiffany C Wright

4 Things to Know about Your Customers

In honor of Get to Know Your Customers Day, observed the third Thursday of the beginning of each quarter (i.e., January, April, July and October), take a moment to read through these points to help you think about your business, and your customers in a different way.

Knowing more about your customer provides you with insights that you can use to tailor your products and services to more closely meet your customers' needs. It can help you truly differentiate your business from large corporate and other competitors and give you an advantage over the competition. There’s a great post on Inc magazine that shares insights on how customers are the key drivers of the business.

1. Know why your customer is buying from you

All businesses exist to serve the needs of their customers. The more you understand those needs, the better you can serve your customer.


Maybe you sell a commodity like t-shirts. Why do people by your shirts? Did they simply need a new t-shirt? Were they buying it as a gift? Did the design/color/style catch their attention? Or maybe the person was on vacation and wanted a souvenir?

Or perhaps you sell a service, like digital marketing. Did your customer buy your services because he/she needed help running a Google ad campaign and just didn’t have the expertise to do it on their own? Maybe it’s a brand new business and the owner is trying to establish a presence? Or maybe the business is looking for amplification to support a big campaign or promotion? Is it a business that had been working with another firm but wasn’t satisfied with the results or experience?

When you understand more of the why behind the purchase, you can focus in on other target customers that are in similar situations. Know the why, then fill the need.

2. Know what gets your customer excited

What your customer needs is often not the same thing that gets them excited. Let’s say you provide business consulting services and that you have a customer that needs help putting together a strategic business plan. But what really gets that business owner excited is getting certified as a minority-owned business. Although you may not prioritize the minority-owned component, knowing that the client really wants to get certified can help you tailor not only your sales pitch but also the way that you deliver and execute your strategic planning services.

3. Know what keeps your customer up at night

To really build loyalty, you’re going to want to take a deep dive and find out what your customers' fears are, what keeps them up at night. And then, use that info to positively to increase your sales. Weave in points that speak to the solutions your business provides to address your customers’ common fears into your marketing materials or advertising.

If you use consultative selling techniques, you can engage with your prospects on a more visceral level, talking with them about how your services alleviate those fears. On the product side, you can talk about related, add-on products/services that address those customer anxiety points, or even modify your customer service. For example, if your customer's greatest fear is how the products purchased from your firm will fit and perform with the other components for the end-customer, you might implement a hassle-free exchange/return program so they have the peace of mind to know that they can get the right part/product for the customer.

4. Know what triggers your customer to buy

As a business owner, you likely have a variety of communication and marketing tools to help put you in front of prospective customers. Today, many businesses have to manage a robust marketing strategy –everything from your company website, traditional printed collateral, signage, displays, digital marketing, search, social media and email marketing.


Throughout all of these activities, you want to make sure you have a strategy, a content plan, and that you measure results and make adjustments so that you can optimize your overall marketing investment. Which channels drive what type of customers? Does social media work really well to drive in first-time customers, while email really helps develop loyalty and repeat business? If so, tailor your content strategy on these different channels accordingly.

Test different creative imagery, color, headlines, and messaging. Which content triggers the strongest emotional connection with your prospects and customers – driving them to an action?

Knowing your customers enables you to tailor your service to better meet their needs and deliver not just on service, but overall customer experience. As you have the conversations required to get to know your customers, you’ll have more opportunity to talk with them about other products and services you offer that they might also benefit from (i.e., upsell and cross-sell).

Want more? Here’s another helpful article from The UPS Store senior vice president of sales and marketing, Michelle Van Slyke, for four ways to know your customer better.

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