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  • 24 February 2020
  • Leo Covey

7 Benefits of Having a Positive Attitude at Work

As a small business leader, the environment you create is a manifestation of the energy you bring to the workplace. Your positive attitude at work can affect everything from morale to profitability. Even the number of sick days that you and your workers experience can be linked to whether your workplace lives on the positive — or the negative — side of the spectrum.

Here are seven benefits of cultivating a positive attitude at work while growing your business:

  1. Creating a culture that feels good
    In the best sense, a positive attitude at work is infectious. People want to surround themselves with other positive people and energy. Instead of unloading your troubles on employees and partners, imagine how your energy and tone have the power to affect them. Opt instead to create a positive culture that is driven by a set of values centered around making your people better.

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  2. Bringing out the best in your employees
    When you showcase a positive attitude at work, you will bring out the best in your team. As a manager, the positive energy you instill in your staff can manifest itself as workers who are more productive and proactive. When you create a positive workplace, you will find that people are motivated to look for answers to complex problems on their own. Happy employees that practically manage themselves? Dare to dream.

  3. Projecting an image of success
    Those who face the day with an aura of positivity convey a confidence that tells people that their business is doing well. If you constantly focus on the negative, those around you may begin to suspect that your business is having problems. By emphasizing a positive attitude at work, you can reassure employees about their job security and clients about their business.

  4. Keeping your best staff
    Boring, depressing jobs are definitely not the rage these days. By maintaining a positive attitude at work, you can foster an environment that is happy, stimulating and less likely to result in turnover. If you think about it, people spend about half of their waking hours in the workplace. In order to recruit and retain valuable, hardworking employees, you must create a pleasant, positive office atmosphere.

  5. Keeping everyone healthier
    The link between stress and “mental health days” is real. By mitigating pressure and equalizing a more optimal work-life balance, you can take great steps toward maximizing labor hours, not diminishing them. Give people a reason to want to come to work every day by fostering a positive attitude at work.

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  6. Learning from mistakes
    There are times when negativity is warranted. If a client abandons a deal without explanation, you have the right to be angry. If an employee ignore duties on the job, you ought to be concerned about his or her future with the company. But maintaining a positive attitude at work requires you to let your frustration go as quickly as possible so that you and everyone else can move on. Most negative experiences will hopefully come with a positive learning opportunity that will make you better in the future.

  7. Increasing your bottom line
    Perhaps most important, maintaining a positive attitude at work helps to improve your company's bottom line. You might not realize it at first, but your employees, clients and partners cast a wide web across their various networks. When they speak about your company in glowing terms to their friends and family members, your business earns a better reputation. This reputation impacts sales, reviews and the types of employees you can hire in the future.

As a small business owner, it is crucial that you do your best to focus on the positive, even in the most challenging situations. By doing so, you can create a better work environment for your whole team.

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