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  • 09 March 2020
  • Maya Harper

5 Tips from Women Small Business Owners

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating the incredible achievements of women small business owners in the entrepreneurial world. We sat down with three female entrepreneurs who participated in The UPS Store annual small business contest over the last couple of years. Keep reading to get inspired and hear from these impressive women and what it takes to run a small business.

  1. Determine a Need — One of the first steps to becoming a 
    Samia Bingham - Female Business Owner
    Samia Bingham
    successful small business owner is carving out a niche for yourself in the market. Below, these women small business owners give their firsthand advice on discovering what sets you apart:

    “The best business or products or services are when people see a need in their own lives or in the lives of someone they love or [that] is important to them, and then they figure out a way to fill that need.” —Ingrid Sanden, co-founder of Boolean Girl Tech

    “We found a community that really needed our support, and we just went all the way in with it. And it’s been successful. I think that’s what made this one different than any of our other businesses.” —Samia Bingham, founder and CEO of Flavors Culinary Group

    Bryanne Leeming
    Bryanne Leeming
  2. Learn from Others — Any small business owner will tell you how important it is to surround yourself with people who can inspire and advise you. Our women small business owners rely on their strong networks to help them learn and grow their female-owned empires:

    “I found it amazing how women I would read about in the news, who were leaders in the kids’ market, were willing to take the time to talk to me.” —Bryanne Leeming, founder and CEO of Unruly Studios

    “My mom has always been so passionate about being in the kitchen, so I wanted to honor her and her love for the kitchen in supporting other culinary professionals in being able to live out their dreams.” —Samia Bingham

  3. Embrace Obstacles — Being a small business owner 
    Ingrid Sanden - female business owner
    Ingrid Sanden
    comes with its fair share of challenges. Check out what our women business owners have to say about turning obstacles into learning experiences:

    Building a team was definitely a hurdle that I had to overcome: learning how to delegate and let things go and let people be great at what they’re actually great at. It’s my vision, but I really need people who are experts in their craft.” —Samia Bingham

    “Not everything is always attractive when you’re trying to build your business. There are times when it is not pretty and you’re lugging boxes and you’re setting up at fairs and you’re dealing with little kids, and I think you have to embrace all of it.” —Ingrid Sanden

  4. Find What Drives You — Passion and purpose are integral to a small business owner’s success. Whether that comes from family, business vision or personal drive, these female entrepreneurs detail what keeps them motivated:

    “To unlock success, you need a clear mission and resilience. Your mission keeps you authentic and helps you make decisions, while your resilience allows you to execute on your vision.” —Bryanne Leeming

    “I need someone in the trenches with me. I need someone packing boxes with me at two in the morning. I need that kind of mental support: having a person who’s not in the business, who’s not in the space, just to bounce things off of and talk things through.” —Ingrid Sanden

    “My husband and kids are the fuel to my fire.” —Samia Bingham

Finally, here are their best tips for other women business owners:

“You can’t develop a product without input from your audience, and we have to keep our customers — our audience — above everything. They’re the most important. Because if they don’t want to use it, then we haven’t done our job.” —Ingrid Sanden

“Focus. Entrepreneurs, we’re going a mile a minute every day all day. And there are always new ideas that pop into our heads, but I think one thing that I even have to put into practice is to focus on the thing that I committed to [and] see it all the way through.” —Samia Bingham

“As anyone making progress and moving quickly does, you are going to hear a lot of nos. It is your choice and obligation to remain optimistic. The nos are not personal or a reflection of you; they should be taken as opportunities to learn and to find the yeses. Remember that no one says no to numbers, so as you build your company, focus on your numbers — specifically, [the] number of customers, revenue and growth — and the yeses will come.” —Bryanne Leeming

These tips from women small business owners are an inspiring way to kick off Women’s History Month and remind us of the power that purpose, strength and determination can have in the small business world. Want to hear more small business owner tips from our female business owners? Read about the women and their journeys to become entrepreneurs:

Ingrid Sanden is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of Boolean Girl Tech, a company that encourages girls’ interest in coding through hands-on play and a nonprofit educational arm. Read more about Ingrid’s involvement in The UPS Store 2019 Small Biz Challenge here, and follow her at @booleangirl.

Samia Bingham is the founder and CEO of Flavors Culinary Group (@flavorsnation), which helps businesses in the commercial culinary space with administrative, staffing and training support. Learn more about @flavorsculinarycomplex, the company’s next project, here, or read more about Samia’s involvement in The UPS Store 2019 Small Biz Challenge here.

Bryanne Leeming is the founder and CEO of Unruly Studios, whose mission is to build ridiculously fun learning experiences for K-8 schools to engage the young people who will build the future. Read more about Bryanne’s winning presentation in The UPS Store 2018 Small Biz Salute Pitch Off here, and follow her at @unruly_studios.

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