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The UPS Store Small Business Blog
  • 24 August 2020
  • Leo Covey

Essential Newsletters for Small Business Owners

Many of us start our day with the same early morning email ritual. We glance through our inboxes, scan our important work emails and then delete the “junk emails” we do not need. Hopefully, there are a few inspired treasures buried in between all those messages—newsletters from your favorite thought leaders in the world of small business. If not, here are a few top picks, blending a mix of inspiration, insight and pragmatic get-it-done information. Hint: Many of the below links lead to blogs. From there, it is as simple as signing up with your email address.

woman reading small business newsletter

Smart & Skimmable Newsletters
The Hustle and The Skimm are both versions of the same idea: a feed-like scroll of the day’s inside glimpse into the world of business, technology, branding, finance and popculture. It’s a heady, fun, easy-to-ready mix of all things trendy and trending. Reading gives you an espresso-like jolt of news and insights to start your day with. Also consider Vox Sentences, a snackable digest of the day’s top news, served up via easily scanned bullet points.

Industry Thought Leaders
Many of the most popular players in business, technology and entrepreneurship offer up their expertise and insights with their own newsletters. Gene Marks’ ReMarks newsletter is specifically geared to small business owners and arrives in your in-box monthly. Cleverly written teachable moments, honed by years in the dot-com industry, abound in Seth’s Blog. For women who pour their hearts and minds into running their small businesses every day, The Cru’s brand of emotional and intellectual support will resonate positively.

Institutional Powerhouses
From elite universities to government organizations, there is a world of information and inspiration at your fingertips in newsletter form. You don’t need to pay Ivy League prices to get access to some of the greatest business educators and writers on the planet. Harvard Business Review has about a dozen newsletters you can sign up for, with everything from their vaunted “Management Tip of the Day” to specific topics like “Women at Work” or “Strategy & Execution.” Subscribe to the US Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Administration’s newsletters for the latest guidance, plus free tips and online training from the U.S. government.

Maybe reading a newsletter will inspire you to start your own, if you have not done so already. With social media algorithms changing constantly, the ability to reach an engaged audience is becoming harder than ever. With their opt-in, subscription-based format, newsletters are a great alternative. You get an audience that is hungry for your content, andyou get the opportunity to deepen your relationship with them.

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