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  • 17 August 2020
  • Taylor Miller

Utilizing Stories and Livestream Features on Your Company’s Social Platforms

As technology evolves, your business model should evolve too. Thankfully, there are a lot of programs that can reach a large audience without costing you a cent. If you already have a social media presence, you are one step ahead of the game, and the next step is to jump into the world of livestreaming and social media stories.

As a business owner, you may occasionally fall into a comfortable pattern posting on social media and updating your customers, but your followers want to hear even more from you. By running livestreaming events and posting stories, you can provide customers with an in-depth look at your company and create another way to connect with them. Here are four key guidelines for utilizing stories and livestreaming features on your business’s social media platforms.

  1. man watching social media live stream
    Live Q&A — During this pandemic, your customers likely have plenty of questions, and hosting a live Q&A session would be the perfect way to answer them. Simply create a post to inform your followers that you will be hosting a livestreaming event on a particular date and time and ask your followers to come with their questions ready. You can broadcast your livestream via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other livestreaming platform you like. This will help build advance hype for your livestream. Not only is this a great way to answer questions, but it’s also a great way to keep in touch with your customers and make everyone feel connected again.

  2. Live Product Tutorial — If your business sells products or goods, hosting a live product tutorial event can provide an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming products or designs, and it’ll also make viewers more likely to attend any future livestream events you host. Generally, it is a good way to show off your product and teach your customers the best ways to use the product.

  3. Tell a Story with Stories — Instagram and Facebook Stories are the perfect places to begin to tell your company’s story aside from your in-feed posts. This is your chance to be more informal and allow your followers to get to know your company in a completely different approach. Stories can range from news on the progress of a store remodel to how-to videos to sharing fun moments. Stories provide a creative space to showcase more raw and authentic moments from your company that will engage your viewers’ emotions: curiosity, empathy and excitement.

  4. Stories from Behind the Scenes — Curiosity is human nature after all, so why not give your customers the ability to see what is going on behind the scenes at your business. If you sell paintings, for example, your followers would be so thrilled to see how you set up before you begin painting or hear the music playlist you listen to when preparing to paint. Instagram is brilliant for behind-the-scenes content and sharing the human side of your business. This can give your followers an exclusive look into life at your company and make them feel a part of your brand.

Social media has to a lot to offer and posting quality content can help you edge out your competitors. Using stories and hosting live events will keep you up to date with technology and provide you with a better and stronger outlook on who your customers are and what they want from you.


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