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  • 24 November 2020
  • Public Relations

3 Ways Your Online Business Can Make a Community Impact

For the founders of BLK & Bold, it’s always the season to be jolly and give back to their communities. In fact, Rod and Pernell built community support into their small business’s mission statement, and are dedicated to making that social impact accessible to consumers everywhere. Although this seems complicated for a small online business, it is possible.

As part of our small business advice series, Rod shared how BLK & Bold has made an impact on communities both locally and nationally, and how other small businesses can do the same:

BLK & BOLD employee giving a tour of coffee growing operations

1. Give anyone an opportunity to support.

Operating your small business completely online can be a positive for business owners who want to reach anyone and everyone. By staying active on social media and building a base of customers across the nation, BLK & Bold was able to tap into communities outside of their own and find consumers who wanted to support local on a larger scale.

Social media is a great way to reach conscious consumers everywhere. Use hashtags and try to interact regularly with your followers, build an email list and keep a finger on the pulse of your online community.

2. Hear from the community at large.

By expanding their consumer base, BLK & Bold was also able to expand their perspectives. What their community needed wasn’t necessarily what was needed across the country, and they were able to adjust their perspectives, goals and contributions to maximize their impact and support.

Use social media or email to ask your customers how they would like to give back and what community concerns they have, then decide which your business could support.

3. Create an impact at scale.

BLK & BOLD workers tending to coffee plants

BLK & Bold wanted to support local, but not just local to them—local across the nation. Smaller communities that needed help, but didn’t necessarily have the means on their own. After asking themselves and their consumers where outreach was needed, they began to contact organizations across the country and dedicated part of their profits to each.

Your small business can do the same, whether it’s asking to round up change, collecting donations or promising a portion of your profits to a cause that resonates with you. It could be a short-term goal for the holidays or a long term campaign throughout the year—whatever works for you.

“Making purpose popular” is BLK & Bold’s mission and they encourage every small business to join them. Find a way that works for you and feels authentic to your goals, then follow through. Even if it’s just for the holidays.

For more advice, follow us on social media and keep checking back! Our series features insights and ways to implement changes from small business owners across the country.


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